"Tango Susurrado" is a striking blend of jazz and flamenco, where the players find common ground to freely improvise, surprise the audience with each performance, try new lyrics or falsetas in the middle of a flamenco concert or always play a different solo in the same jazz tune.

The compositions are always based on different flamenco palos (rhythmic styles) e.g. soleá, alegrías, tangos, bulerías, tanguillos.

The record includes pieces such as "Tango Susurrado" and "Suave Brisa" which use flamenco rhythm, harmony and melody combined with jazz-style improvisation. "Danza Intimo" is a balance between both styles. "Ballad for Ella" (dedicated a Ella Fitzgerald) is pure jazz. "Somos Todos" (dedicated to the victims of terrorism) is probably the most balanced of all the compositions. "Huellas" and "Alegrias del vuelo" have a stronger jazz feel. Flamenco is the overriding style in "Con Pasión", although the improvised section is more jazz inspired. Flamenco and Brazilian music share the limelight in "El Mar". The final two compositions,"Islas" and "Romanza Habanera", are slower pieces, with no percussion, and reflect the composer’s most intimate feelings.



Drums and Percussion

Pancho Brañas


Joan Masana

Vocals and Dance

Maui Ramírez


José Luis Quesada


Jesús Hernández

Flamenco Guitar

Raul Mannola