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Selene Moral

The percussionist Pancho Brañas, who has worked with a number of leading figures, brought out his first CD, Tango Susurrado, just a month ago. Of which consisting of Jazz and Flamenco influences, but above all, himself

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Herb Robertson

Pancho Branas is a drummer , pianist and composer who has realized a fusion of flamenco and jazz , giving the sound and texture of music soft and spiritual. Tango Susurrado is a collection of many diferents reflected compositions. It is for this reason why Ruby Flower-Records decided to mark its jazz debut with this creation

Juan Jesús Calero

The precious work that Pancho Brañas has produced, with its transparent movement towards Flamenco, opens up new perspectives for a musical encounter that has already started to saturate

Martín Cuellar

Pancho Brañas first CD shows the great force that is hidden behind the fusion between Flamenco and Jazz

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Anabel Calero

Pancho Brañas a curious amalgamation of cultures, which gives Brañas a unique personality

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Antonio Pamies

The result of the CD is both very warm and soothing but at the same time full of nerve and full of ideas without being shrilling. As a result achieving its own atmosphere and individuality that even when jazz and flamenco is combined together; it could perfectly seduce anybody who isn't familiar with any of the two styles.