When I was sixteen I enrolled at the Advanced Conservatory for Music in Cordoba (Spain), where I studied Percussion, Saxophone and Piano for three years.
I then studied Drums for one year at the Music Workshop in Barcelona. The following year, I studied Drums at the Musicians Workshop in Madrid.
I then went to Cuba (Havana) for one year to study Drums and Percussion.
I returned to Spain where I completed my Percussion studies at the Advanced Conservatory for Music in Cordoba, obtaining my degree as an Advanced Percussion Teacher.
During the summer of 2005 I had classes with the drummer Obei Calvaire in Black Harlem (New York) and I Played in some clubs in the city.
Over all these years I have worked as a drummer and percussionist with many different groups and musicians, in a variety of styles, including Rock, pop, Jazz, Flamenco, Africano, latino y Clasico having participated in more than 1500 concerts and recorded in more than 40 CD´s as a session musician in recording studios.
At the moment, I dedicate most of my time on my project which is backed up by a New York/Luxembourg based record company "RubyFlower-Records", with whom I signed up some 8 months ago. But I still continue working as a session musician in recording studios and I accompany different artists and bands like Hafez Modir & Trío Andaluz, Estress Trío (Dan Benlior, Rafa Aguila, Pancho Brañas), Antonio Gómez Cuarteto, Maui y los Sirénidos, The Brain Storming Jazz Quartet, Raúl Alcover, Bahía Brasil, Suhail, Trío Andaluz (Jesús Hernández, Joan Masana, Pancho Brañas) among others.
Below is a list of groups, musicians or producers I have worked with.

- I have played in:
Music world Festival Of San Marino (Italia), Gibraltar Jazz Festival, Flamenco in Gambrinus (Saint Gallen,Suiza), Koln Festival (Colonia,Alemania), Jazz en Madrid (España), Festival de Jazz de Cadiz (España), Flamenco Meeting (Berna ,Suiza), Club Arthur's (New York), Feltival do Mondo (Lisboa,Portugal), Festival Jazz de Marbella (España), Etnimalaga (España), Música en Fallas- Valencia (España), Concierto Flamenco en Cork (Irlanda).....and more places.

I have played with:
Las Ketchup, El Pele, Madrid Blues Conection, Cherokee, Big Band Comunidad de Madrid (Director: Juan Muro), Oleo Jazz Cuartet, Amén, Skunk Funk, Raúl Alcover, Four Runners, Jándalo, Felipe Conde, Javi Montijano, Allan Burnes, Frank O'shea Cuartet, Monk Avenue Cuartet, Suhail, Celia Mur, Antonio Toledo, Kiko Aguado, Kilema, The Coastline Dixilanders, Mario Rossi, Carmen Cuesta. Orquesta Filarmónica de Andalucía, Helena Bugedo, Bruce Adams Quintet.

I have participated in recordings with the following musicians, among others:
Miguel Rios, Chano Domínguez, Enrique Morente, Aurora Beltrán, Graham Foster, Josep Pons, Benjamín Torrijo, Eliseo Parra, Manuel Luna, Nicolás Medina, Rubén Dantas, Tino di Geraldo, Spike Anderson, Frank Pantrini, Jorge Pardo, Irapoan Freire, Rodney D'ossis, Chonchi Heredia, Emilio Maya, Erik Sánchez, Manolo Nieto, Antonio Ramos (Maca), Tito Duarte, Luis Medrano, Paco Peña, John Parson, Pablo Salinas, Javier Paixariño...

I have worked with the following producers, among others:
Manuel Ruiz "Queco", Nicolás Medina, Benjamín Torrijo, Raúl Alcover, Pedro Viciedo, Fernando Romero, Paco López,, Antonio Carmona, Spike Anderson, GHV Producciones, Quisco López...